About Us

Welcome to Dependable Care

Dependable Care operates Accommodation with 4 facilities Reservoir Lodge , Geelong Lodge , Bamfield Lodge , Eltham Villa and independent living in the community - catering for residents of a younger age through to in separate facilities , we offer Transitional Care, Independent living, through to palliative care- All in a supported environment .

Our aim is to provide the least restrictive environment we can and to maintain residents independence and to support residents to move back into the community to live for filling lives . Dependable Care is privately operated and receives no Government Assistance.

Dependable Care CEO Joanne Tomada has 30 years experience and has been looking after some of the same residents for the same period . Joanne has worked for DHS and owned Businesses for over 25 years in Accommodation facilities,

We specialize in looking after residents of a younger age with Intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities , mental health issues we are supported by Case Mangers , social workers, hospitals and community centers . We provide support to clients of Salvation Army , Home ground ,Mary Housing, North East Housing and to all the Hospitals , including the Austin and Northern Hospitals .

We provide accommodation from short term to long term Respite for residents getting over a sickness , an accident, injury and in between accommodation support. We have a client base of around 250 residents being cared for throughout our facilities . The Governor General Quinton Brice recently visited Dependable Care facilities – in recognition of the wonderful Service Dependable Care Provide to the Community to Vulnerable Residents ,disadvantage residents.

The expansion of Wellbeing Accommodation at Reservoir Lodge will pursue further our supportive environment to assist residents to recover and move residents back in to the Community . Our service is unique in that we provide a holistic approach to residents care. With the support of local Medical Doctors and specialized health services , counseling , case management act .

In expanding the services of Reservoir Lodge /Dependable Care into Independent Living will provides a greater scope of opportunity to the community , and to the residents to be able to move back into the community and to live fulfilling lives in the community.